Winter Wedding in a Lehenga

Winter is here! And while we might hope the latest season of GoT was here with it, unfortunately that unbearable wait still continues. We’re talking more about winter weddings and the unique challenges they bring upon our styling choices. If you were walking around during summer giddy headed under the warmth of the sun while dreaming away about that sexy backless choli then the dipping mercury will have unluckily dampened those spirits as well. Whether you’re a bride or guest, it’s always more sensible to wear weather appropriate outfits to an Indian wedding.

What’s the point of picking up the skimpiest choli over your lehenga only to cover it up with an ugly mismatched shawl or jacket because you’re freezing? Or getting all excited about wearing that luscious velvet jacket lehenga but sweating off all your makeup and being utterly miserable in the sweltering summer heat? We’ve all probably made these mistakes ourselves or definitely know someone who’s made the same faux pas. So let’s learn from them and realize that even the most stylish amongst us must bow down to Mother Nature.

If you’re getting married or have a wedding to attend in the winter then take some time to plan your outfits and make smart choices. There is no reason to be dressed in heavy shapeless sacks or to cover up that beautiful lehenga under you winter coat for a winter wedding. Take a few cues from these recommendations and you’ll be toasty as well as the toast of the festivities!

Leggings & Warmees:
Stretchy fleece or thermal leggings worn under your lehenga will ensure your legs are warm and cozy. The figure hugging quality of these leggings will ensure they don’t show under your lehenga and the ankle length will keep them completely invisible even with your shoes.



Clever hidden tricks aside there are some other amazingly on point ideas that can help to keep you comfortably warm. Luxurious and rich velvet is hugely trending right now and it makes for an ideal winter wedding fabric. It will not only look absolutely regal and decadent but also keep the chills at bay. Pick either a velvet lehenga or dupatta or go all out and pick an entire velvet ensemble. With none other than Indian fashion maestro Sabyasachi Mukherjee branding velvet this season’s IT style, do you still need any more reasons to stay away from this lovely material?


Jacket Lehengas
If you prefer to not go as heavy duty as velvet and want to invest in outfits that are all weather proof then look no further than jacket lehengas. The layered garment will ensure you’re swaddled in fabric and don’t need to flash that tummy either. Depending on the style you can easily wear your thermal leggings and vest under the outfit plus carry a dupatta for added protection from the low temperatures.


If you worry that velvet and jacket lehengas seem like fads that will wane as quickly as they became popular then there are still some pretty nifty winter wedding hacks that can be achieved with some intelligent designing. Forget about teeny tiny blouses and pick more covered up silhouettes instead. Before you groan at the possible death of your winter wedding style, keep in mind that all of these cuts are totally rocking the red carpets currently. Draped off shoulder blouses and flowy capes have the added advantage of sleeves so you can sneak in a thermal vest under your blouse. But if you must wear something sensuous then wear a deceptively embroidered translucent blouse that gives the illusion of skin without actually showing any.


If you’re a bride or just simply someone who finds the cold torturous and will go to any lengths to spare yourself the teeth chattering nightmare then make your lehenga dupatta do double duty with inventive drapes. Wearing your dupatta as a scarf or jacket is an easy fix but if you’re feeling creative then try something a little more complicated by draping two dupattas. The dual drape that is very reminiscent of Deepika’s Padmavat style is sure to elevate your winter wedding game and keep you super snug. A total win-win!







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